Nutcracker Poster Series: Snow

Probably just a rough draft, but then again, it might stay rough.




It Was At This Moment

…that she realized this was not just a kids’ show.

Was trying to resuscitate Sketchbook but after losing power a couple times reverted to the old fashioned stuff.


p.s. jk she realized that wayyyy earlier



A lot of these are sorely aged, but oh well. Looking back over old things, and most of theese are things I never posted on here before. Which one(s) do you find most interesting?



Story Series | Intro

Hey guys, in addition to my Space series, I’m thinking of starting another series of drawings. This time, it’ll just be a series of untitled images from my imagination based on stories I’ve thought of, have written, or want to write…or just any random scene that I think could have story potential in my mind. Part of the fun is that you can comment with your own ideas of what the illustration represents if you want to.

I didn’t get to finishing this first drawing, but it’s a start.