Like I said, I finally started a beautiful new sketchbook a while back, and hopefully I’ll get to fill it in more soon. I wanted to focus more on drawing/painting from life in this one, and ideally I want it to be something of a folio of Florida/wherever I am in the end, but fantasy/whatever sketches are probably still going to interrupt significant portions of it.


Backyward pencil + water color paintings from life. Ignore the bad handwriting for now.
Plant and cloud study.

Sketchbook: A Review

I finished my sketchbook.

Because I started in March of 2015 and the sketchbook itself isn’t even that long, most progress was probably regrettably only the result of time and not of lots of dedicated practice, but still, it feels so good to finish up the old thing and see how much progress has happened.

*prepares to embarrass self with super old drawings but hey in twenty years this site will be embarassing me so here goes*


From this…
…to this.
…to this.

I’m pretty sure my people improved the most (not surprising since that’s basically 90% of what I draw anyway).

From here…



…to here.


OOOOLD but not as old

(looking over these, I think that apparently I keep drawing the same ideas for years)(surprise?)

One last thing–I did attempt to a mini-challenge of drawing more hands, and at least it was good practice, even if I probably didn’t do it long enough.

With all this said, I did start a shiny, beautiful new sketchbook that I’m intending to fill with a lot more drawings and paintings from life, so now that the old stuff’s out of the way I can’t wait to get to more of that, and you’ll probably be hearing about it soon.

God of Mischief

Whoever says that Emilie no longer draws Avengers stuff…lies.


On another note: I got a tumblr! I ultimately want to switch to this site entirely, as I think it’s a hundred times easier for keeping an art blog–blogs are more intended for writing, while tumblr works better for just uploading pictures with minimal description. However, I may still be using this site for a while (and keeping it maybe mainly as a website). I haven’t posted much on the tumblr yet, so forgive me if it’s empty.

Talis Erat Dido


…Qualis in Eurotae ripis aut per iuga Cynthi / exercet Diana choros, quam mille secutae / hinc atque hinc glomerantur Oreades; illa pharetram / fert umero gradiensque deas supereminet omnes / (Latonae tacitum pertempant gaudia pectus):  / talis erat Dido, talem se laeta ferebat / per medios instans operi regnisque futuris…

Aeneid 1.498-504