Comics You Should Read

And I swear I’m going to post some of my own art soon. I just need time. Yes, I guess I could be drawing right now. I promise I shall. Maybe. But I wanted to bake something. Ugh. Priorities. Anyway, I’ve probably had the worst first week of school, and one of the worst ever, so I naturally had school this Sunday and I’m not quite done yet, but I’m taking a break to post some comic suggestions until I can get something up myself.


  1. Off-White – as I’ve mentioned before, the graphics of this comic are simply amazing.

142604085638240023 (2)(c) Stephen McCranie

2. Space Boy – I’m not so much a fan of “cartoony” comics, actually, but this story enticed me through its simple yet touching story line (and to me, it was very relatable, in part).

2e3837260bc002d7aebeed754df3b33d-d5n85ei(c) Yuumei (Wenqing Yan)

3. Fisheye Placebo – Probably the deepest, darkest of the lot. Read the intro and you’ll see what I mean. Warning – contains some inappropriate scenes and/or references. I don’t agree with some of the artists’ views on the world, but her way of meshing art and emotion is thoroughly artistic and resounding.


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